Trending News September 20, 2017

Dodging the Tackle

Navigating through a real estate transaction is often compared to a roller coaster ride. It is filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, thrills and gut-dropping lows. But in the end, provided the roller coaster doesn’t break down, the result is exhilarating.


Seeing as though it’s football season and when I’m not working I’m typically at a football field with one kid or another (or both), it occurred to me that real estate is also like football. As a Realtor, I like to think I’m the captain and the quarterback of the transaction. I’m calling the shots and guiding the team (buyers, sellers, inspectors, lenders, attorneys, etc) toward a big win (CLOSING!). However as anyone who has bought or sold real estate knows, there are MANY unforeseen circumstances that can and will arise. Every once in awhile the QB will have a miraculously long run for an unscathed touchdown. And every once in awhile, a transaction will go seamlessly from beginning to end. But more often than not, there are a few tackles made along the way.


As I embark on this blogging thing, my intention in the first series is to share some stories of unexpected real estate tackles I have encountered and how I have fielded them. I’d love to hear tackle stories from you, too, and how you’ve fared in the game of real estate.


Okay, I’ve probably already pushed it too far with the football analogies. The point is, stuff happens. But with a skilled Real Estate QB in your corner pushing for the win, almost nothing is insurmountable!